Monuments to one

Forms of single monuments of granite, examples of which are given on this page, are in the category of inexpensive monuments. The last photos of monuments from the cemeteries belong to the average price category.

Granite monuments for one are not always simple, among them there are both standard models and elite exclusive monuments, which can be the main part of a large memorial complex. The more carved work on its components has a monument, the less it is more difficult and, naturally, more expensive. The standard models of monuments are direct monuments, monuments with a wave, monuments with a straight line, that is, granite monuments, where the minimum manual work, or in general, the work can be performed on the machine (direct thread). Monuments are harder on one – these are mostly monumental shapes, where the cutting is performed manually on all faces of the workpiece, or the carving of artistic elements is carried out: roses in the stove, teeth on the stove (feathers), etc.

When ordering a monument for one person, the customer needs to count on a certain budget. It is impossible to hope with a budget of 3000 UAH on the possibility to order a monument in Chervonograd red granite, figured with a tombstone folding stove. You need to immediately name the amount you are counting on. With this you will save both our time and yours.

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