Cooperation with Communal Enterprise

List of services provided by private entrepreneur Drozd Yuriy Alexandrovich on Chervonohrad cemeteries, namely:

  • digging graves
  • care and restoration of the proper appearance of a granite monument (washing, polishing and zinc plating)
  • restoration and cleaning of the monument from the crumbs
  • dismantling of old monuments
  • installation of imported monuments
  • foundation pouring (single, half pile, double for burial)
  • lifting the foundation of the monument
  • selling monuments from the crumbs
  • sale of granite monuments
  • installing a paving stub or crumb around
  • adding additional dates to the monument
  • artist services on demand or need
  • photos on metal ceramics, ceramic granite or porcelain
  • selling bronze headsets
  • sale of marble sculptures of European production

The above services are covered by a warranty

The receiver of the orders Levada market (near the railway) container №79 is a private entrepreneur

Drozd Yuriy Aleksandrovich

tel: 093-156-12-66 097-786-31-77 03249-3-26-03

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